Blogging Virgin

Years ago someone told me “you should start a blog, you could help someone.”

Well… here is my attempt.

I know nothing about blogging, nor do I know what I should talk about. My life is no more special than anyone else. Reasons I decided to try the blogging world is to share advice about two personal topics. These are my reasons…

1. I have a son, an amazing boy who is now 6. He is the light during my day and my security during the dark night. He is gorgeous, smart, and a social butterfly, which makes everyone love him just as much as me. His defining characteristic is that he has ADHD. As lovely as he is, because of his diagnosis he will always be considered “different” to society.

Every parent I am sure says that their child is special, and they are. Children are these amazing creatures that we created, they grow and learn from society and these little beings should be treated with more respect than is given now. I have a love for children and I attended university just to learn more about them. I specialized my education in family science and ADHD. I needed to learn how to parent a child with the condition, considering there are no other options in my community.

As much as I love my son, he is also the cause for the second reason on why I am blogging.

2. My depression. When my son was born my equilibrium changed. My life picture was not as I expected and I became diagnosed with postpartum depression which never really left. My current diagnosis ìs depression and social anxiety.

Just peachy right?

Having a son with ADHD and living with Depression is like being a beautiful flower in a pot. Knowing that I don’t belong there but still surviving. Wishing and hoping someday I will be planted in a meadow to live and breathe and feel the sun on my pedals. But here I stay in this pot, alone. In good days in the pot I thrive, the sun touches me and I feel good and grow towards my full potential. However on the bad days I try so hard to reach the sun, but I can’t. I try for days but I can not reach, after many days my pedals wither and I drop towards the soil. I never reach my full potential because I have many days of fighting to survive more than days of actual growing.

The only reason I do survive is because of a little boy. He waters me just enough for me to still be here…. but never plants me in the meadow.